‘Ulalena: Celebrate and Sustain Our Culture

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'ULALENA: A trip to Hawaiʻi is not complete without experiencing ʻUlalena at Maui Theatre. Called a “stunning theatrical sensation” by National Geographic, ʻUlalena shares the rich history of Hawaiʻi through authentic Hawaiian music, dance and over 100 instruments played live - all masterfully portrayed in a dynamic, colorful, emotional, and entertaining theatrical performance. 

‘Ulalena truly “proves there is life beyond the luʻau” (Travel + Leisure Magazine) for Maui visitors and offers a unique cultural experience found nowhere else in the world.

ʻUlalena’s storyline and characters centers around the island of Maui, and its creation, transformation and rebirth. It entertains and educates, teaching us about the creation of the Hawaiian Islands and its first Polynesian explorers, the arrival of Europeans and the struggles of the plantation era, and aliʻi (rulers), kanaka (people) and akua (Gods) who played such an integral role in Hawaiʻi’s history. Last but not least, we see how Hawaiʻi’s people have transformed from their early beginnings. A universal story of the circle of life, it ends with the cleansing ʻUlalena rain – representing a cultural revival and renewal of the Hawaiian spirit. nd nowhere else in the world.

Named the “Best Cultural Production in Maui” (Maui News Readers Poll 2013), it is the only way to truly learn about the history of Hawaii while being entertained!

Hele mai (come)! Embark on this powerful journey, and leave with a deeper understanding of the islands’ culture, and the true essence of aloha.

‘Ulalena Story & Characters

There is a wind and rain particular to Maui that rises at twilight. It whispers of other places and other times, both mythic and real. It blows between daylight and night, between times and worlds. It is hopeful and cleansing. The ancient Hawaiian name for this wind is ‘Ulalena.

From the beginnings of the Hawaiian civilization to the fall of the monarchy, award-winning ʻUlalena presents the history of Hawaiʻi through the stories and legends that have lived through our ancestors.  READ MORE

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