Fourever Fab Show Maui

Fourever Fab Maui!

Fourever Fab, TripAdvisor’s #1 Show in Honolulu, will now reignite your love for the lads who stole our hearts and changed the face of Rock’n Roll – on Maui! Fourever Fab is composed of seasoned look- and sound-alike musicians who have been performing the timeless hits of the Beatles around the world for many years. Plus, a special and unique tribute to the late George Harrison, who loved Hawaii and had a home on Maui!

Fourever Fab and its founding members have been performing the hits of the world’s most-loved lads, The Beatles, for over twenty years. From the Asia-Pacific to the east coast of the US, audiences have fallen in love all over with the magic that is recreated by this band. It is with a labor of love and respect for the greatest songs in popular music that Fourever Fab continue to perfect their performance with sound-alike vocals and the original instruments to pay tribute to the songs that defined a generation. These timeless classic rock and roll songs have not been lost with that generation; today’s young audiences love them as equally as the baby boomers!

The Show starts with the ‘black and white’ period, performing the songs over 70 million Americans saw as they sat glued to their television set in 1964 watching, “The Ed Sullivan Show” like “All My Loving”, “Hard Days Night”, “Help”, and “Twist and Shout”, to name just a few. The ’65 – ‘66 period follows, recapturing the energy and excitement of the once in a lifetime concert tour with songs like “8 Days a Week”, “Can’t Buy Me Love”, “Yesterday”, and many more that were likely never even heard over all the screams! The show then moves into the colorful psychedelic Sgt. Pepper’s period with the performers on stage in those iconic outfits from the album. Finally, take a stroll down Abbey Road as Fourever Fab performs some of the greatest songs from the huge list of hits such as, “Revolutions”, “Back in USSR”, “Hey Jude”, and “Something”. There is also a very special section especially dedicated to George and his love of Hawaii, always a huge crowd favorite!

Sing-along, dance, or just allow yourself to be entertained and transported to that magical place of love and happiness as only the music of The Beatles can do – their songs cross many boundaries including generation gaps, race, religion and cultural diversities…as they say, ‘All You Need is Love’.

Tickets start at $69.99 and go up to $129.99 for “Royal” package which includes backstage meet-and-greet prior to show, and souvenir t-shirt and photo!

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